When you choose OO&K, you’re choosing a law firm that is committed to delivering the most efficient, high quality service available today. As innovators, we are focused on putting the right combination of knowledge, experience, talent, disciplined processes, and technology to achieve the best legal solutions.

Concentrating on improving quality, enhancing transparency, and providing actionable insight requires a unique approach.

Here are a few ways in which we are different:

Knowledge & Experience Driven

OO&K Advocates are experts in their various areas of practice. The legal solutions our team provides to our clients with are backed – up with a sound  legal grounding from our thorough understanding of the legal environment around our areas of practice.

Nationwide Firm

We have scaled our law firm so that we can seamlessly manage your work from every corner of this country. OO&K large footprint across the country with offices in Kisumu and Nairobi coupled with our technology-focused processes gives you more time to focus on your strategic legal solutions.

Proven Legal Leadership

With vast experience in a wide variety of industries and situations, OO&K legal team brings a unique blend of knowledge and perspective that helps you optimize your outcomes. Going beyond the traditional lawyer-client relationship, we create a client-centric partnership that delivers long-term value.

Technology Enabled practice

At OO&K we are fully committed to digitizing our processes to improve on the efficiency of file handling services. Our clients are able to log in to our database from any corner of the world and views their files or the progress of their cases. This also goes a long way in enhancing transparency.