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OO&K takes great pride in its robust International Law division, which boasts a global perspective and offers a wide range of client-centric tailored services. We recognize that each case is unique, whether you are an individual seeking asylum, a corporation navigating immigration regulations, or an organization advocating for migrants’ rights. We specialize in crafting personalized legal strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Our team possesses a deep understanding of international legal frameworks and regional integration dynamics. This global perspective enables us to seamlessly address cross-border issues, assisting clients within Kenya and beyond. Our commitment to excellence extends to addressing critical issues related to climate change.

We are fully aware of the diverse and evolving legal landscape, both domestically and internationally. Consequently, we provide comprehensive support to our clients. Consider OO&K your one-stop-shop for foreign entities in the Kenyan business sector and Kenyans engaged in cross-border and international commerce. We offer regulatory compliance advisory and due diligence support to individuals and corporate entities, including expatriate mobility advisory services, in accordance with government and industry requirements across different countries.

Our Immigration practice is dedicated to assisting clients in obtaining work and residence permits, business permits, and providing consular advice. We also facilitate the acquisition of outbound business and work visas for other countries with embassies in Kenya.

Furthermore, our team offers extensive labor and employment services, with a specific focus on employment advisory and employment litigation. We help both domestic companies and multinationals establish recruitment policies, work processes, remuneration and pension policies, and internal guidelines in line with industry regulations and best practices.

Our core mission is to guide our clients through the complexities of immigration, human rights, regional integration, and employment law in the countries where they conduct business. We do this in a way that minimizes legal risks and safeguards the interests of both employers and employees.

OO&K proudly upholds excellence in our International Law division, offering a diverse array of client-centric services from a global perspective. Our commitment to tailored solutions acknowledges the unique nature of each case, whether it’s an individual seeking asylum, a corporation navigating immigration regulations, or an organization advocating for migrant rights. Our expertise encompasses personalized legal strategies, underpinned by a deep understanding of international legal frameworks, regional integration dynamics, and critical issues like climate change. As active participants in the United Nations-backed initiative known as “Multistakeholder pledges for the Global Refugee Forum 2023,” we are deeply committed to advancing human rights, particularly within the realm of refugees and migrants. OO&K serves as your comprehensive resource for foreign entities in Kenya and Kenyans engaged in cross-border commerce, offering regulatory compliance advisory, due diligence support, and immigration services. Our mission is to guide clients through immigration, human rights, regional integration, and employment law, minimizing legal risks and safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders.

play an important role in the broader economy – both locally and globally. As economies in Africa continue growing in leaps and bounds, there is a corresponding need for innovative financial solutions to spur development, making comprehensive and professional advice from our team. Our banking and finance practice has carved out a niche as a seasoned, trusted financial advisor and partner.

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We offer expert guidance in workplace safety, labor compliance, and international best practices. We assist both employers and employees, ensuring a balanced and secure work environment in accordance with applicable laws across various sectors and industries.

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Asylum and Refugee Law.

Human Rights Advocacy & Collaboration

International Conventions and Treaties Consultation

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