Legal Consultancy

We offer legal consultancy services of various issues to Government Institutions, Corporates individuals and Development Agencies. We are well-equipped with multidisciplinary expertise, capacity and infrastructure that enable us to produce high-quality results with accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

OO&K has developed procedures and standards which allow for an efficient and complete analysis on legal billings. These procedures incorporate individual review, with an understanding of applicable legal guidelines. In order to perform a legal audit, a complete computer-assisted analysis is performed. We have developed a customized legal audit database, which allows more effective consideration on certain issues. The audit includes analysis of all charges for fees and costs and preparation of an opinion that includes relevant schedules illustrating the efficiency or inefficiency with which legal services were performed. Since each audit is unique and fact situation different, a customized approach to each audit is required. Depending on the client’s requirements, this may include a review of invoices on a line-by-line basis to determine if overstaffing, excessive conferencing, multiple billing for single events, or other general efficiency issues exist.

What we Offer

Legal audit

Legal document review

Legislative framework review, development, formulation, drafting regulations, rules, guidelines, policies and statutes

Company Law Services.

Land laws appraisals

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