Tax Law

OO&K has a seasoned tax law practice that meets the needs of clients. We offer professional services to Government institutions, corporates and individuals on matters relating to tax from compliance to litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

We engage in multiple tasks including and not limited to advising on adherence to complex Kenyan tax regulations for companies, providing tax structuring advice, negotiating tax warranties and indemnities.

The Firm also engages in tax planning for organizations countrywide. The Firm specializes in tax litigation at the Tax Appeals Tribunal within the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), amassing a wealth of experience as a representative of parties which include Government bodies, in tax disputes. We have handled numerous cases involving tax disputes, which pertain to tax assessments, tax decisions, transfer pricing and handling of subsequent appeals with the KRA. We also have successful negotiations and Appeals over tax decisions over the years. 

Kenya has both a complex and perpetually evolving tax realm. We ensure that clients are updated on new Tax Regulations. We advise on Tax Laws (Amendment) Act 2020, The VAT (Electronic Tax Invoices) Regulations 2020, and the VAT (Digital Market Place Supply) Regulations 2020.
The aforementioned legislation demands different actions on the part of tax payers. For instance, the VAT (Digital Market Place Supply) Regulations 2020, now provide mechanisms for accounting for VAT on taxable supplies made in Kenya through a digital marketplace by foreign suppliers. This area was not specifically provided for prior to the new challenges which arose in 2020, amidst a global shift towards digital market places.

We are aware of the constant changes in the tax realm, which places us at a vantage position, beneficial to our clients. They can be assured of effective, up-to-date and diligent legal services which, will ensure that their needs are met on understanding, filing and compliance with regional Tax Laws.

What we Offer

Advice on Domestic Tax.

Tax Training and Education.

Guidelines which ensure Correct Compliance with Tax Legislation set by the Kenya Revenue Authority and the Income Tax Act Cap. 470.

Advice and Calculations of Value

Added Tax (VAT) in Compliance with the VAT Act No. 35 of 2013

Advice and Calculations of Income Tax

Tax Consultancy

Tax Auditing.

Advice on Capital Gains Tax.

Advice on Transfer Pricing

Advice on the Tax Obligations involved in the Process of Mergers and Acquisitions.

Advice on Tax Obligations attached to Capital Markets Transactions.

Advice on Double Taxation Treaties and Policies, and the Effects on our Clients.

Filing of Digital Services Tax Returns.

Advice on Withholding Tax.

Advice on Agency Tax which involves Stamp Duty and Betting Tax.

Advice on Compliance with Regulations of the East African Community Customs Management Act, and its effect on Import Tax for Commercial Clients.

Advice on Alternative Dispute Resolution at the KRA Tax Appeals Tribunal.

Drafting of all Relevant Documents, Pleadings and Correspondences with the KRA Tax Appeals Tribunal.

Undertaking Negotiations with the Kenya Revenue Authority regarding Transfer Pricing Assessments where Tax Demands are raised by the Authority, on both Corporate and Government Bodies.

Advice to International Companies on the Tax Obligations required when Establishing Branches within the Region.

Advice Regarding Tax Considerations with Respect to Leasing Agreements for Local and International Companies in the Region.

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